Month: October 2019

What are the focus four?

Every day in California, numerous people go to work on construction job sites. These people might work on what some may consider to be small remodeling jobs at a personal residence, or they may be at massive commercial sites where completely new and large structures...

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What is food allergy bullying?

Food allergies are nothing new to California residents. It is common for schools to send notices home warning parents of a child with a serious allergy and requesting that no snacks or meals containing the allergen be sent to the school. Like many parents, however,...

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Birds, bugs and car crashes

Auto accidents have many different causes, including those which are relatively unusual. For example, some wrecks are the result of birds or even insects. So, how could a bird or a bug cause a crash? First of all, they can be very distracting, whether they interfere...

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