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Birds, bugs and car crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Auto accidents have many different causes, including those which are relatively unusual. For example, some wrecks are the result of birds or even insects. So, how could a bird or a bug cause a crash? First of all, they can be very distracting, whether they interfere with a driver’s ability to see the road or cause a driver to panic and lose control of their vehicle. To some people, this may seem like a silly topic to write about, but many wrecks have been a direct result of these factors.

Some people are terrified of spiders, and when they see a spider while trying to drive, they may take their hands off of the wheel or panic and completely disregard the road. People may try to swat a bug while they are driving, or they may even be stung or bit by an insect, which can also be very distracting. Moreover, a driver may collide with a bird, which can cause the driver to panic and swerve into another lane or collide with a vehicle in front of them.

Aside from birds and bugs, there are many other types of animals that can cause motor vehicle collisions and it is always crucial for drivers to keep an eye out for these risks while they are on the road. It is also important to be aware of the various risk factors that are present, including those which may not seem common or even concerning.

If you were hit by a driver who was distracted because of a bug or a bird, this factor should be taken into consideration in the event that you file suit.