Put Experience On Your Side

Assisting Fellow Attorneys With Casework

With deep experience and a track record of successful litigation, we often receive client referrals from other lawyers.  At  Ramey Law, P.C., we are knowledgeable on all aspects of personal injury, civil litigation, construction litigation and bullying/abuse case law.  If you are an attorney who has minimal time and needs a reputable firm to co-counsel or handle a trial from start to finish, contact us for a referral discussion.

Extensive Experience In A Range Of Legal Areas

Our years of experience have garnered us a track record of favorable results in a broad range of practice areas. We dedicate ourselves ensuring justice is served with each and every client. Let our legal prowess help you with a heavy caseload or difficult legal matter. We can help represent cases in these and other legal areas:

  • Car accidents, including rideshare accidents
  • Scooter collisions
  • Slip-and-falls and other premises liability claims
  • Dog and other animal bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Civil litigation
  • Bullying and abuse
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction defects

We can also help you handle time-intensive appeal cases that take a great amount of commitment, attention to detail and ethical consideration.

Discuss Your Needs With Us Today

We have a strong record of successful outcomes both at trial and out of court. We know the practice areas many fellow attorneys often need assistance with and are happy to help. Contact us through our email form or give us a phone call at 310-773-5509.