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Strong Advocacy For Construction Defect Claims

Whether you are an individual, contractor, material supplier, architect, engineer or design professional, a construction defect claim can derail your life. These are often stressful and interrupt your livelihood.  At Ramey Law, P.C., we understand the need to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. Our attorneys have successfully litigated cases involving construction defects claims related to single-family homes, multiunit condominium buildings and apartments, and commercial and industrial development.

Construction Defect Litigation Experience You Can Count On

Given the wide range of complexity of construction defects litigation, our attorneys focus on early evaluation of contractual duties among the involved parties as well as analysis of the value of claims so you obtain the best possible resolution of your case without unnecessary expenses or delays.

Ramey Law, P.C., recognizes that many construction cases turn on interpretation of indemnity agreements, “flow-down” provisions and other risk transfer mechanisms. To this end, the firm stays abreast of new case law and statutory changes that impact the firm’s clients. The firm provides up-to-date, real-world evaluations of indemnity clauses and other contractual obligations for its clients.

We Offer Comprehensive Services When It Comes To Construction Defect Claims

We work with other professionals and experts in order to pursue the best possible outcome on your behalf. Our lawyers will also use the best course of action to resolve this matter, whether it be through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

For our general contractor/developer clients: We aggressively pursue contractual defense and indemnity obligations that may be owed by the specialty contractors and materials suppliers hired for the project, as well as the enforcement of additional insured rights the client may hold under its agreements with these same specialty contractors and suppliers.

For our specialty contractor/material supplier clients: We analyze and aggressively defend claims premised on contractual indemnity and defense obligations that inappropriately attempt to transfer responsibility for design defects or construction defects caused by the work of others, whether it be by the business or homeowner or by the general contractor/developer.

For our homeowner/commercial property owner clients: We are highly experienced in using expert witnesses and repair contractors to investigate and identify potential construction defects. We research the cost of repairing such defects to prepare the strongest possible case against the general contractor/developer and to obtain the compensation necessary to repair the defects and cover other consequential damages, including business interruption, relocation, and protection and storage of contents.

We Will Always Put Your Needs First

We pride ourselves on recognizing that each case is unique and therefore your needs are unique. Each member of our team works diligently to resolve your case through creativity, advocacy and results-oriented representation.

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