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Standing Up For Victims Of Rideshare Collisions

Ride-sharing services are the newest, most convenient and affordable transportation services in the U.S. But if harm came to you in a rideshare car crash, what do you know of the person — or the company — who may be responsible? The knowledgeable rideshare accident lawyers at Ramey Law, P.C., can help protect your rights if you sustain injuries while in a Lyft or Uber car wreck. We will advocate to obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve, in a crash that was no fault of your own.

Who Is Liable If You Are Injured?

If you are a passenger, driver or pedestrian involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, you have the right to recover damages for injuries, But who pays? App-based rideshare crashes are more complex than other motor vehicle accidents. Rideshare collision claims may involve several insurance companies, including the rideshare company’s insurer, the driver’s insurer and the passenger’s insurer. Our highly skilled personal injury attorneys know how these insurance companies work in app-based rideshare accident claims. Our years of experience can assist you in garnering the most positive results in your situation.

Advocacy For Injured Rideshare Passengers

You called a rideshare service for its convenience, but you may be just as likely to be in an accident if you were driving yourself. If an Uber or Lyft crash in Los Angeles has left you injured, you have the right to pursue compensation. Our caring lawyers know that you will need this money to assist in payments for medical, rehabilitation and other expenses if you are out of work without pay. Due to the involvement of multiple insurance carriers, rideshare wrecks are more complex than standard car accidents. Depending on the crash circumstances, the amount you may be entitled to will vary going up to a possible $1 million in coverage. Our knowledgeable rideshare attorneys are fully abreast of the laws in California and the different amounts of insurance coverage. Let us develop a strategy to help seek the maximum compensation in your given situation.

If You Were The Rideshare Driver

Your insurance coverage is dependent upon where you were in the transportation process when the accident occurred. The coverage offered by the Lyft or Uber company’s policy and/or your own car insurance policy depends on certain circumstances, including:

  • Whether you were transporting a passenger
  • Whether you were driving to pick up a passenger
  • Whether your app was on while you were waiting for a ride request
  • Whether your app was off

All Americans have the right to compensation if injured in a motor vehicle wreck caused by another’s negligence. Our empathetic rideshare accidents attorneys will hold the guilty accountable and ensure your rights are protected.

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Whether you were the rider, the driver or an innocent bystander, you need to contact an experienced rideshare accident attorney to assist you with the claim complexities and protect your rights. Call 310-773-5509 to speak with an experienced rideshare accident lawyer, or contact us through our email form to learn your legal options. We can ease your mind at this worrisome time.