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What are the consequences and signs of spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Construction Injuries |

The spinal cord is something of an unsung hero in the body. While the brain is often in the spotlight for controlling movement and sensation, the spinal cord plays an equally vital role.

This organ facilitates communication between the brain and the rest of one’s members, transmitting the necessary signals. Therefore, a construction accident that harms the back and spinal cord can have dramatic consequences.

Consequences of spinal cord injuries

Construction site accidents can result in severe injuries, including spinal cord trauma. For example, the force of a fall or impact can dislocate, compress or fracture the vertebrae, the bones protecting the spinal cord. Additionally, back injuries can lead to swelling or bleeding around the spinal cord, exerting pressure on it and affecting its function.

The result of this harm can be life-changing. Some individuals may face temporary or permanent paralysis, losing the ability to move certain parts of their body. Others deal with weakness or numbness in their limbs, as well as difficulties controlling bladder or bowel functions.

Even in the absence of paralysis, persistent pain can pose a constant challenge and contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety. In extreme cases, untreated spinal cord injuries can lead to fatalities.

Possible treatments for damage to the spine

Treatment for spinal cord injuries often entails a combination of therapies that may last for years. For instance, physical therapy is often key in strengthening muscles and restoring balance.

However, medication may be necessary for pain management. In more severe instances, an injured person could require surgery to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord by removing tissue or fluid. Doctors might even need to fuse fractured bones or utilize braces to stabilize the spine.

Potential signs of spinal cord injury

Quickly recognizing and addressing the signs of a spinal cord injury following a construction site accident can mitigate the harm. While paralysis serves as a clear indicator, other symptoms may manifest. These include back pain, diminished mobility or tingling sensations in the limbs. If any of these symptoms arise following an accident, prompt medical attention is imperative.

Spinal cord injuries resulting from construction site accidents can have profound and enduring effects. When such incidents occur due to another person’s negligence, the injured person has a right to pursue compensation to aid in recuperation.