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Electrical safety tips for construction sites

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2024 | Construction Injuries |

Construction sites in California have many hazards that can lead to injuries if proper safety protocols aren’t followed. Electrical hazards can be particularly dangerous as the injuries associated with electricity are often fatal. Those who work on, or have a reason to visit construction sites, should be aware of electrical hazards so they’re able to avoid situations where an accident could happen. Awareness can go a long way in keeping a construction site safe. 

Staying safe around electrical hazards  

Tools used on construction sites should be OSHA-approved and should only be used by those qualified. Electrical connections should always be installed by experienced electricians and should be regularly checked for damage and maintained as needed. When using electrical cords, they should be checked for damage before each use. If cords are frayed, cracked, or have exposed insulation, they should be thrown away. 

Those on construction sites should use extra caution when handling electrical equipment, especially around water. It’s important for each person present on-site to understand and follow all safety protocols. Protective clothing and properly maintained safety equipment can help prevent many accidents.  

Construction site injury 

Injuries on construction sites can range from minor to fatal. Severe injuries may require one to need lengthy medical treatment, physical therapy, and time off work to recover. Californians who were injured on a construction site may have cause to seek compensation if negligence was a contributing factor to the accident. Those who have questions about a construction site injury can benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney to see what options they have.