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Head-on crash leaves 8 dead

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When vehicles collide head-on, the impact may leave those involved with serious or fatal injuries. California drivers face risks each time they travel on the state’s roadways. Fatal accidents can happen anywhere, especially when a driver is negligent and in violation of applicable laws. Sadly, a recent head-on collision involving two vehicles left eight people dead and another person injured. The investigation into what caused the accident is ongoing.  

Details of the crash  

The accident happened at around 6:30 a.m. in a rural area of Madera County. A pickup was traveling on Avenue 7 when it crossed over the center line. A van traveling in the opposite direction was struck head-on by the pickup.  

The impact of the collision killed the pickup truck driver and seven of the individuals who were in the van. The other occupant of the van was transported to the hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown. As the investigation continues, authorities will try to determine who was at fault in the crash. If it’s determined that the pickup truck driver was negligent, the surviving family members of those killed may choose to pursue civil action against his estate.  

Help after a fatal accident 

Losing a loved one in a motor vehicle accident can be very traumatic for a family. Many people often face significant financial struggles related to the unexpected loss of a close family member. Medical bills, funeral costs, and other accident-related expenses can add up quickly, leaving families in a financial bind. California residents who’ve lost a family member in an accident due to driver negligence have the right to seek compensation from the person at fault, or their estate if they are deceased.