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ADR may help resolve some contract disputes

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2024 | Contract Disputes and Litigation |

Contracts are signed every day by business and individuals in California when making agreements with other parties. A good contract can help plans go as intended and prevent either party from having unrealistic expectations of the outcome. But even the most well-written contracts can lead to disputes. When a contract is disputed, the parties involved may wish to try ADR, or alternative dispute resolution, to solve the dispute before getting the courts involved. 

What is ADR? 

Methods of ADR allow one to negotiate with the other party to complete the contract without going through litigation. This often means the dispute can be resolved in a timelier manner and with less stress on both parties, which also helps maintain the professional relationship between the two. ADR may include mediation with a neutral third party or simply negotiating different contract terms to complete the deal.  

While ADR can work in some situations, the lack of formality may make some parties wish to forgo this type of negotiation in favor of litigation. In some cases, there may be too much hostility between the parties to facilitate changes in the contract that could resolve the dispute. When this happens, litigation is usually the best option to have the contract dispute resolved.  

Seek help when facing contract disputes 

When one signs a contract, the expectation that the contract will be carried out as planned is understandable, but not always correct. Contract issues happen frequently, and they can’t always be solved without court intervention. For those facing litigation for a contract dispute, working with a professional who understands California contract law can provide peace of mind that one’s interests will be protected.