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Understanding the elements of a personal injury case

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Personal Injury |

When someone in California suffers an injury caused by another person, they may have cause to file a personal injury lawsuit against that individual. While many people associate personal injury lawsuits with car accidents, there are other circumstances where injuries fall under this category. Those who have been injured due to someone else’s actions can benefit from understanding the elements of a personal injury case so they know how best to proceed forward.  

Personal injury 

Personal injury often happens due to negligence. This could mean someone was driving unsafely, leading to a car crash that injured others. Injuries related to strict liability, which is associated with the use of faulty products, can also lead to personal injury, allowing the victim to hold the designer or manufacturer of the product responsible. Intentional wrongs, which are often related to assault or battery, may also be cause for a victim to sue. 

When filing a personal injury lawsuit, one must be able to show evidence of their damages. This may include bills for medical care, physical therapy and other costs associated with recovering from the injury. In some cases, compensation for pain and suffering may also be ordered.  

Victims should seek advice 

Negligence is the cause of many personal injuries related to car crashes and other types of accidents. However, personal injury cases can also be filed by a California victim when they are injured by a faulty product or by a willful act of another person. When filing a personal injury lawsuit, one should be prepared to show evidence pertaining to the injury. By working with a professional who understands the laws, one can be prepared to settle with the party at fault or head to court.