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When does bullying become a legal issue?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Bullying and Abuse |

Some people may believe that bullying is a common issue that most children will deal with at some point. But being bullied can be quite harmful for a child. California parents may be worried about their children’s mental health when they are bullied at school or online. However, many parents may not know how to deal with bullying or when to escalate the situation to take legal action against the bully or others who are allowing the bullying to continue.  

When it becomes a legal issue 

Bullying can happen to children of any age, most frequently while they’re at school or online. The state outlines what constitutes bullying and what should be done when bullying happens. Parents may choose to speak with the parents of the child who is being a bully, or they may go to the school. Schools are responsible for dealing with bullying in a timely manner to prevent children from undergoing undue stress in an environment that is supposed to be safe. 

If parents believe that the school is not doing enough to stop the bullying, they may wish to seek legal help. California’s laws are in place to protect children from being harmed by bullying. These laws outline what is considered online bullying and cover what schools are supposed to do when bullying occurs on campus or off campus. School administrators who are aware of bullying but don’t take action to stop it could be held liable. 

Seek advice when a child is bullied 

Children have a right to attend school and feel safe from being bullied while there and when they are home. Online bullying and bullying in person should be dealt with quickly by school administrators. If a California parent believes the school is not doing enough to stop the bullying, they can speak with an attorney to understand their rights in protecting their child.