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What to do when faced with a contract dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Contract Disputes and Litigation |

Contracts are an essential part of agreements in all industries throughout California. A binding contract should detail the terms and conditions of the agreement. Having a sound contract means that each party who is subject to the agreement understands their rights and responsibilities. Plus, if something does go wrong, the contract can be used to determine how the issue will be resolved.  

Contract disputes are not uncommon 

A contract dispute can happen for many reasons. One cause of contract disputes is when the terms are not clearly outlined, which can lead to one party breaching the contract. A dispute may also happen when one party has different expectations than the other parties who agreed to the contract. Contract disputes can happen when part of the contract is not completed on time, or it’s not completed at all.  

Contract disputes can lead to costly delays in projects and if the dispute cannot be resolved, the issue may end up in court. When a contract is breached, the court may order the party who breached the contract to complete the terms they agreed to. Before filing a lawsuit related to a contract dispute, it’s important to know that courts rarely award punitive damages when a contract is not completed. 

Seek legal help when facing a contract dispute 

Contracts are not always easy to understand, which can lead to contract disputes between the parties involved. When dealing with a dispute, it’s beneficial to seek advice from an attorney who understands California contract laws. An attorney can provide guidance on how best to resolve the dispute in a legal and timely manner.