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2-car collision leads to injured pedestrian

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Pedestrians are a common sight along many California city streets. For some people, walking is the chosen way to get around. However, pedestrians are at risk when crossing streets and even when walking on sidewalks if motorists drive unsafely. It only takes a moment for a driver to become distracted, often causing an accident. Sadly, a recent two-car collision resulted in injuries for an elderly man.  

Accident details 

A recent crash in Santa Monica involved two vehicles and a pedestrian. A vehicle passed through the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and 14th Street before striking another vehicle. Witnesses claim that the first vehicle went through a red light before the collision. The impact of the two-car collision caused the second car to strike an elderly pedestrian. 

The elderly man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for his injuries. There is no update on his condition. As authorities continue to investigate the accident, they may determine that negligence was a factor in the crash. If so, the negligent driver may face charges related to the accident. 

Legal recourse 

When someone is struck by a car, they often suffer from severe injuries. These injuries may involve much pain and suffering along with an extensive recovery time. Medical bills, costs for physical therapy, and other accident-related expenses can often cause undue financial strain for the injured victim. Californians who have been injured in an accident because of driver negligence have the option to pursue civil action against the driver. A successful lawsuit can provide compensation to help the victim cover those unexpected expenses.