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Researchers concerned about e-scooter accidents in Los Angeles

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There is a certain element of danger with any motor vehicle on the Los Angeles roadways. Often, that is perceived as being connected to cars and trucks. Motorcycles are also a common concern. In recent years, however, electric scooters (also known as e-scooters for short) have gained prominence across the nation. That has sparked fear about people being involved in accidents. A recent study analyzed e-scooter accidents and came to concerning results that people should be aware of.

UCLA says e-scooter accidents surpass motorcycle accidents

UCLA researchers analyzed Los Angeles hospitals and clinics to gauge the frequency of e-scooter accident compared to other accidents. There were two hospitals and 180 clinics in the study. The information used began at the start of 2014 and ended in mid-May 2020 and encompassed 36 million notes. As for the people who suffered injuries in the collisions, it included pedestrians and those riding the e-scooters.

More than 1,350 people were hurt by an e-scooter. Of those, 30% needed emergency treatment and another visit about their issues after the crash. Twenty-nine percent needed to have some form of imaging to determine the extent of their injuries. Six percent needed to be admitted. There were two fatalities. On a positive note, e-scooter injuries tend to be less severe than those suffered by people involved in motorcycle accidents.

E-scooter accidents can cause serious injuries

Frequently, those on e-scooters flout the traffic laws, run red lights, go through stop signs and generally ignore pedestrians, bicyclists and others on the road. This can lead to an accident. With these statistics, it is important for people to remain just as vigilant for e-scooter collisions as they are for motor vehicle accidents when they head out. The e-scooters just add another layer for them to think about.

When there is an accident, the same types of injuries that can happen when involved in a car accident can result from an e-scooter accident. Having broken bones, head injuries, back injuries and soft tissue damage can be financially and personally expensive. Those who were riding these vehicles should be held accountable for their behavior and having help can determine what to do when considering the available options.