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Is an accident reconstruction right for your case?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A lot of car accidents are pretty straightforward. One car runs a red light and hits another, or a car slams into a pedestrian who is in a crosswalk with the walk sign telling them to cross. Other wrecks are more complicated, though. They might involve multiple vehicles with more than one person contributing to the accident. These matters can complicate any potential personal injury claim a victim might pursue, which is why they need to be proactive in determining the cause of the action and building their legal arguments.

The importance of accident reconstruction

One way to build a personal injury claim following a complex car crash is to have an accident reconstruction conducted. Here, a professional utilizes the laws of physics as well as available evidence such as tire marks, weather conditions, and witness accounts to determine exactly how an accident was caused. At the end of their reconstruction, these professionals are able to issue reports that can speak volumes as to fault, which could be a big part of a victim’s case.

It’s worth noting that in some of these cases there are conflicting accident reconstruction reports, with different parties securing their own experts. If the other side has an expert whose testimony contradicts the plaintiff’s expert’s testimony, then the judge or jury will have to decide which testimony to lend more weight. This means that it can be critically important to know how to attack the credibility of expert witnesses and their reports.

Litigate with the competence you need

While many car accident cases end in settlement, there are a lot of times where taking the matter to trial is in the victim’s best interests. If you find yourself in this situation, then not just any attorney will give you the representation you need and deserve. Instead, you need a legal team that is experienced in litigation and one that actually enjoys the challenges associated with trying cases.

That’s why firms like ours have been able to successfully help car accident victims and their families recover the compensation they are owed. While no particular outcome can be guaranteed in a given case, it may certainly be in your best interests to discuss your case with an attorney who you feel will give you the aggressive advocacy you expect.