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Pedestrians: no group is more vulnerable on LA streets and roadways

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In a nutshell, that is virtually all that needs to be said when spotlighting the primary catalyst that quite literally drives motor vehicle accidents and injuries across Los Angeles.

Put another way: Although various causes unquestionably contribute to adverse road outcomes spanning the vast metro, reckless or otherwise indifferent motorists prominently stand out as outsized contributors in accidents causing serious and deadly injuries.

Bad drivers display a sheer universe of deficient behaviors, as noted by one Los Angeles legal source on motor vehicle crashes and victims’ remedies. That overview spotlights the truly scary road reality of drunk drivers. And it additionally notes aggressive behind-the-wheel maneuvers and the broad carnage linked to distracted drivers who are seemingly oblivious to what surrounds them.

All other persons sharing road space with careless motorists are at imminent risk of injury. That is true of every conceivable demographic, ranging from drivers/occupants in other passenger vehicles and motorcyclists to individuals on motor scooters and bicycles.

And especially pedestrians.

Negligent drivers pose huge risks for Los Angeles pedestrians

Walkers’ pronounced vulnerability anywhere near traffic is patently obvious, isn’t it? It is recognized in a recent blog post highlighting a hit-and-run accident in Los Angeles.

That article underscores this key point: “Pedestrians have no protection whatsoever and, when they are hit, they can suffer broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord damage, cuts, bruises and worse.”

That “and worse” reference is both ominous and sad, as well as being clearly obvious. An unprotected human being stands no chance when struck by a truck, car or other motorized vehicle. The outcome will always be one-sided and predictable.

How prevalent are pedestrian injuries in Los Angeles?

Most readers of this blog post can likely answer that above header query confidently and accurately.

A Los Angeles County website flatly sums up the reality surrounding metro crashes injuring walkers this way: It notes that in a recent year, “Los Angeles County had more pedestrian fatalities than any other county in the United States.”

That is obviously an unenviable distinction, and one that demands a strong spotlight on the problem and recommended fixes to mitigate adverse outcomes.

Here are some relevant takeaways to consider concerning LA County pedestrian deaths and injuries over a recent two-year measuring period:

  • More than 4,700 injured walkers treated at county emergency centers
  • Injured victims comprising all age groups
  • Fully half of victims injured by vehicles traveling at least 20 miles per hour
  • Catastrophic injuries suffered by victims hit at even slow speeds (e.g., long-term disabling conditions and death)

Accident victims often – and understandably – have pressing post-crash medical, financial and other needs.

A proven and compassionate personal injury legal team can help them pursue a meaningful remedy that secures both accountability and maximum compensation that can be broadly applied toward multiple concerns.