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How severe is your burn and what can you do about it?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Severe burns are a risk in many situations — especially during a Los Angeles Summer. Whether it is on a construction site, from a product defect or due to other negligence, burn injuries require fast action to lower the risk of infection and complications. But not all burns need the same treatment.

If you or a loved one receive a burn somehow, it is vital to identify the degree and treat it appropriately. As WebMD points out: burn degrees come down to how deep the damage goes.


A first-degree burn is mild and only affects the outer layer of your skin. The injury may appear red and painful but cool water and sterile bandages can help ease the pain. Complications are rare. You may wish to contact a doctor if you suspect infection.


As the first-degree affects the first layer, second-degree burns affect the first two layers. These burns often blister and may appear shiny and wet. Depending on the severity, you may experience long-term scarring. Cool water and bandages help ease the situation, but you may need to avoid or prevent shock from the pain. Contact a doctor ASAP to have them examine the damage and prescribe antibiotics or pain medication.


This type of burn damages the full thickness of your skin and can leave it black or yellow. You may not experience pain as the severity damages the nerve endings. Do NOT use cool water, as this risks infection. Lay a loose, sterile bandage over the injury, prevent shock like a second-degree burn and call 911.

Knowing the severity and ways of treatment can help a bad situation from getting worse. After the initial trauma passes, knowing your options for recovery and, if the injury resulted from negligence, what proper compensation you deserve comes next.