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Defective baby strollers recalled due to fall hazard

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When you place your infant son or daughter in a stroller, you probably give little thought to whether doing so is safe. After all, strollers have undergone regular use for decades, transporting millions of babies and children safely from one location to the next. Recent headlines are now calling into question the safety of four particular models of baby strollers, however, now that it appears these particular strollers create a fall and injury risk for babies and young children. 

According to CNN, some of the nation’s largest big-box retailers sold the models of the popular baby stroller that are now subject to the recall, indicating that a large number of them are likely still in use across the country. Sold between October and November of 2019, the four stroller models have a defective feature that could potentially endanger anyone who rides in them. 

More specifically, the affected strollers have issues with their hinge joints, which have the potential to release on their own. When this occurs, the strollers could collapse without warning underneath a child, posing a serious danger to anyone riding in them when they collapse. 

The manufacturer behind all four models of the stroller prone to collapsing is urging anyone who owns one to immediately discontinue its use to prevent possible injury. While collapsing strollers present a threat for children of any age who ride in them, they may prove particularly dangerous for infants, many of whom have soft skulls. Typically, it takes between nine and 18 months before a baby’s skull fully forms. Find more about defective products on our webpage.