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How to treat a bone fracture or break

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | Personal Injury |

A broken or fractured bone can range from moderate to severe in pain, and such an injury almost always requires medical care in order to properly heal. If immediate medical assistance is not possible in the area of California at which the injured person is located, there are some things that can be done to reduce complications in the meantime.

Diagnosing a broken bone

 If an x-ray is not possible right away, it may be difficult to tell if an accident has resulted in a bone break or fracture. Healthline provides a list of symptoms that may indicate that a bone has been broken or fractured:

  • The injury is bleeding excessively
  • The affected area appears deformed, or has a lot of swelling
  • The skin around the injury changes to a bluish color
  • The area has any degree of numbness
  • Pain worsens with movement

Usually it is a violent trauma that causes a bone to break. Even an apparently small impact like stubbing a toe could cause a small fracture if it happens at a high enough speed or intensity.

Immediate treatment of a broken bone

 WebMD advises that if the injury is bleeding, the first step is to apply pressure to help stop the flow. Before transporting the person to a medical facility, it can be beneficial to use a stiff piece of a rigid material like metal, plastic or wood to prevent movement, which can exacerbate the break. However, with a very serious break, such as to the hip, neck or back, the safest course of option is not to move the injured person, and call 911 immediately.