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What to do if You Are in a Car Accident in Los Angeles

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Insurance Needed to Protect Yourself in a Car Crash

Los Angeles has by far the some of the busiest freeways, such as the 405 freeway, the 5 freeway, the 10 freeway, the 101 freeway, the 110 freeway, and the 105 freeway, in the country, cram packed with cars full of aggressive drivers running late for work. To add insult to injury, as of 2007, 18% of all California Drivers where uninsured. (http://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/stories/2009/01/19/daily41.html.) It is further safe to assume with the economy in the worse shape since the Great Depression, that number has risen. If you are injured while navigating the busy streets and freeways in Los Angeles, you must make sure you are protected. This means you must have underinsured motorist insurance and uninsured motorist. This will protect you if are injured by an uninsured motorist, you will still have protection and be able to obtain recovery for your injuries.

What to Do When You Are In a Car Accident in Los Angeles

Here are some tips to assist you if you or a loved one is injured in a car crash in Los Angeles.

Get Information About Automobile Insurance of Negligent Driver

First, find out as much information as you can at the scene of the incident if you are able to do so. Get the information of the driver of the car who hit you of course. But, this includes, name, address, home work and cell phone numbers, email address, insurance policy information – this includes the policy number and policy period. You will also want to get their driver’s license number. Also, get name and contact information from all witness at the scene. It may not seem important now, but you will need witnesses later.

Take Photos of the Scene of the Car Accident and Your Personal Injuries

Second, take photos. This means not only taking photos of the damage to both cars, but also take photos of the scene around you. Take some photos showing where your cars are located in the street or intersection, show where the cars are in relationship to each other. Get as much detail as you can. You also will need to take photographs of any injuries you sustained.

Write Down What Happened in the Car Accident

Third, write down as much details as you can about the accident. What was the weather like outside at the time? What where the traffic conditions? What was the condition of the roadway? You get the idea. You may not remember these details later when it really counts.

Notify the Police and Find Out How to Get a Copy of the Police Report

Fourth, get information from the police, including finding out how you can obtain a copy of the police report. As soon as it is available, get a copy.

Keep Track of Where Your Crashed Car Is Being Towed

Fifth, if your care is not drivable, make sure you know where it is being towed.

Save all Receipts for Your Damages for Your Personal Injury Claim, including Doctors Appointments, Prescription Costs, Lost Time From Work, etc.

Sixth, save all receipts. Get receipts for all expenses you incur as a result of your car accident. These expenses will include, rental cars, insurance deductibles, copayments for your doctor’s visits and prescription costs. You will also need to document any time you miss from your regular employment. Even if you have sick time and vacation time to use, you are entitled to recover this from the person who was at fault from the accident.

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company, But Cooperate with the Insurance Company

Finally, be careful when you talk to the other driver’s insurance company, even if it is the same as yours. Give them information as to what happened, of course. Allow them to take photos of your car and inspect it. However, do not ever agree to have your statement recoded.

This may seem tedious, but, the more information you have from the beginning, the better prepared you and your Los Angeles trial lawyer will be later.

Sustaining an injury while driving on Los Angeles freeways, such as the 405 freeway, the 5 freeway, the 10 freeway, the 101 freeway, the 110 freeway, and the 105 freeway, can be a scary experience. In some cases, your personal injuries may be life altering. It is important to get to a Los Angeles trial attorney who can help you and your family gets the money you deserve for the harm caused to you through no fault of your own.