Representing You With Skilled Litigation

When a dispute regarding your livelihood takes place, litigation is a way of resolving the issue. Conflict is an inescapable fact in the modern business environment, as all businesses want their own competitive edge over rivals. Our lawyers based in Los Angeles use the most suitable strategy to resolve your disputes, and as a client of Ramey Law, P.C., your interests are our first concern.

What Is A Contract Dispute?

Here at Ramey Law, P.C., our team of attorneys will represent you in contract disparities and disputes relating to the breach of contracts, fraud, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, and interfering with future or current economic affairs. We are in the position of representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases that involve business litigation issues that include oral and written contracts. Many of our cases have included issues related to:

  • Construction disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Entertainment industry disputes
  • Business disruption claims

Foremost in our mind is the reputation of you and your business. We ensure that the most effective method of dispute resolution is used whenever we can. Obviously, we prefer to solve any issues out of court, but if this is not possible we use all our knowledge and experience to represent you and your business through arbitration or at a trial.

Your Business Needs Come First

Once you have chosen to use our services to deal with your affairs, we proactively gain a good understanding of your business practices and work out how we are going to jointly achieve the desired goal in a cost-effective way. We never miss or forget anything as our firm has an advanced management system to gather all the relevant research necessary and to record all client information. We don’t use jargon, and we assure you that you will be thoroughly informed of everything that is going on concerning your business.

Let Us Help You Settle Your Contract Disputes

We at Ramey Law, P.C., are eager to represent you, whether you are a plaintiff or defendant. We have practiced in both federal and state courts. As one of our clients, you fit into our “clients come first” strategy in relation to the law as we strive to ensure that our high standards are applied to each case. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to effectively solve disputes even in the most intricate areas of the law. We are proud to have helped many large, medium and small businesses with their contract needs in the Los Angeles area. Call our firm today at 310-773-5509 or schedule an appointment by email.

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