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Are hard hats effective?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A hard hat may seem like a piece of plastic that can be uncomfortable to wear, but the use of the safety gear on construction sites can help save lives. They seem like they cannot possibly stand up to the many risks in this industry, but they are much stronger than they seem, which makes them an incredibly effective piece of personal protection. 

Optimum Safety Management explains a hard hat provides a large sphere of protection for your whole head. It is best known for protecting the top of your head from strikes the come from above, such as a falling object. However, they do much more than that to keep you safe. 

Sphere of protection 

In the construction field, OSHA almost always recommends a hard hat. The guidelines generally focus on requiring them to protect against falling objects, but they protect the face and ears, as well. Furthermore, it can keep you safe from electric shock and chemical exposure. 

How it protects 

A hard hat’s brim protects the eyes, mouth and nose from splashes, drips and other hazards that may come at the face. The insulating core is what helps to protect against electrical shock. Do note, though, there are different ratings for hard hats, so some may not provide this protection. 

The shell, which is the plastic part on the outside, protects against anything coming at the head. It offers extra protection to the brain and also keeps the ears safe. Finally, the suspension portion that holds the hat on your head absorbs shock, which is additional security against brain injuries.