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Obtaining Justice For Special-Needs Children Abused In California Schools

Special-needs students have a greater risk of suffering abuse and bullying at school. From 10:1 staffing ratios in transportation to gaps in supervision during the school day, these children can suffer physical harm or sexual abuse. When systemic failures allow these things to happen, remedies exist.

At Ramey Law, P.C., our attorneys fight for those who have been injured. We put together this white paper to offer more information for families of children who may have suffered sexual or physical abuse. While we represent those who have been injured, we also strive to identify solutions (for example, policy changes) that will prevent other students from undergoing similar treatment.

Our white paper provides background on special education as it exists in Southern California and background on potential problems. Then we answer the following questions:

  1. How do you spot red flags, especially when you cannot see an injury?
  2. What steps should you take to address the issues?
  3. Why consult an attorney as soon as possible? (Time to bring a lawsuit is limited.)

Read “Who Is Watching? When Gaps in Supervision and Training Lead to Abuse in School” for steps to take when you worry that something happened to your child.