The Five Construction Zone Crashes You Need to Avoid

December 28, 2018
Posted on: December 28, 2018
Author: Ramey Law P.C.
Photo of Two Cars in a Head On Collision

Did you know that it is more dangerous to drive through a construction zone than it is to work in one? Caltrans reported that drivers and passengers make up 85 percent of work zone fatalities in our state. That means drivers need to be extra cautious when driving through a work zone. Here are five types of construction zone crashes to watch out for on California’s highways and byways:

  1. Drunk Driving – This type of crash is one of the most frequent, but they can be far more devastating in a construction zone. Construction barriers, equipment and reduced space create conditions for major accidents. This danger is also amplified by the fact that most construction crews work at night, which is also when drunk drivers are most active. Be cautious of anyone driving erratically at night, especially if you are near construction.
  2. Distracted Driving – Some people believe that reduced speed limits in construction zones can give them more time to do things other than driving. This can lead to people playing with their radios, trying to eat or texting on their smartphones. However, the hazards present in a construction zone require extra attention from drivers, not less. Drivers need to watch out for road debris, uneven road surfaces, construction equipment entering the road and other drivers.
  3. Rear End Collision – The real reason drivers are asked to slow down in a construction zone is to help them cope with potential hazards. However, these zones can come up too quickly for drivers to respond, especially if the proper signage has not been put out. This leads to rear-end collisions as normal traffic slows to the reduced speed limit. Keep an eye out for drivers who aren’t paying attention and steer clear.
  4. Speeding – Sometimes it feels like everyone is in a rush, and this is especially true in Los Angeles—the traffic capital of the world. But the faster these speed demons go, the less time they have to respond to traffic conditions. This can lead to more than just rear-end collisions. Drivers can easily lose control of their vehicles after hitting uneven pavement at high speeds. This can lead to deadly rollover accidents and sideswipes.
  5. Striking Construction Equipment and Vehicles – They are big and heavy, and they can often appear out of nowhere. Barrels, electric sign trailers, backhoes and other construction equipment can pose a serious risk to drivers in construction zones. Considering the close quarters in a construction zone, if these items are too close to the roadway, serious pileups can occur. Things get even more dangerous if workers drive slow-moving equipment onto the roadway without warning.

Where Can Construction Zone Crash Victims Get Help?

Caltrans recommends slowing down, paying close attention and merging early to help avoid construction zone crashes. But sometimes, even extra caution can’t prevent an accident from happening. Reckless drivers, careless equipment operators and negligent construction management can ruin the best safety measures. When this happens, victims and their families will need help.

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