How Does Mandatory Reporting Work in California Schools?

Picture of a child holding a teddy bear

California is a large state with thousands of school districts. Each school has its own set of unique issues with each child. The concept of mandatory reporting was created to simplify how child abuse and bullying can be handled in schools across the country and in California. The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, or CANRA, is a set of California laws that are meant to protect children from suffering abuse or harm in school-related activities or functions. If you have a child in a California school, or you are a teacher or staff member at a California school, then … Read More

How Should California Homeschools Be Regulated to Prevent Child Abuse?

We have heard about various horrifying news stories about child abuse discoveries in homes, several of these stories occurring in California. A common factor in these abuse stories is a home school situation involving one or multiple children. Each state has different regulations for home schools, and California is known to be one of the more permissive ones. Here’s more on California’s home school laws and how they relate to child abuse. What Are California’s Home School Laws? In order to home school under California law, California parents simply have to submit an affidavit with their home address to register … Read More