The Five Construction Zone Crashes You Need to Avoid

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Did you know that it is more dangerous to drive through a construction zone than it is to work in one? Caltrans reported that drivers and passengers make up 85 percent of work zone fatalities in our state. That means drivers need to be extra cautious when driving through a work zone. Here are five types of construction zone crashes to watch out for on California’s highways and byways: Drunk Driving – This type of crash is one of the most frequent, but they can be far more devastating in a construction zone. Construction barriers, equipment and reduced space create … Read More

Can I File a Third-Party Lawsuit After a Construction Injury?

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Over 150,000 construction employees in the United States suffer job-related injuries every single year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The construction industry has high rates of workplace fatalities and injuries due to negligent employers and other parties. Most employers are responsible for construction accidents related to hazardous job site conditions, improper safety practices, poor training, and defective tools and equipment. Some construction accidents are caused by third parties. These are parties who do not have an employee-employer relationship with the injured worker. What Is a Third-Party Injury Claim for Construction Injuries? If a party other than a … Read More

What Are the Common Causes of Serious Construction Injuries?

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A 20-year-old construction worker was killed in a construction accident in Pomona, California recently. The accident involved a telescopic forklift, which is a common tool that construction workers use to transport items within the construction site. According to California Highway Patrol, the worker was going eastbound on a dirt road south of the San Bernardino freeway when the forklift traveled down an embankment and ejected him from the vehicle. Accidents like these are not rare in California construction zones, and there are many other ways a construction worker can become seriously injured while on site. What Are Common Construction Accidents … Read More

What Is the Right to Repair Act in California?

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Why Is the Right to Repair Act Important? According to the California Supreme Court, the Right to Repair Act is the “sole remedy for residential construction defect claims, except claims for breach of contract, fraud and personal injury. This law requires California homeowners to provide notice to the builder of a new residential development before filing a lawsuit, in order to give them the “right to repair” the defect before any further action. What Is the Right to Repair Act? If you recently purchased a new home in California and you noticed a construction defect, you will probably be required … Read More

Common Forms Of Construction Defects In California

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What Are the Most Common Defects? There are four main categories that all construction defects can fall under for a given project. These are design defects, engineering defects, construction defects and the use of defective materials in the construction of the project. Design defects can include defects in the architectural plans or details, such as a design that fails to comply with local building and safety codes.  Engineering defects can include errors in engineering calculations for structural, mechanical, civil and geotechnical components for the project. Construction defects typically result from the contractor failing to perform the construction in conformance with … Read More