Should Child Abuse be Considered a Public Health Issue?

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An estimated 1 in 4 children have experienced some type of child abuse or neglect in their lifetimes. Child abuse is not only physically damaging, but the childhood trauma can lead to depression, behavioral issues, violence, health problems and substance abuse. In order to fix the growing issue of child abuse, health experts think that the public should be treating these problems as actual public health concerns. This will occur by continuing public and private sector funding for training and research as well as prevention programs. What Have Recent Surveys Shown About Child Abuse and Public Health? In recent national … Read More

What Are the Penalties for a Child Abuse Charge in California?

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Child abuse charges in California are taken very seriously. The penalties for the charge will depend on a variety of circumstances related to the incident. Child abuse and neglect cases can be difficult for all parties involved, which is why so many cases go unreported. These charges can cause major disruptions in family life, school environments and personal futures. Cases like these can also become publicized, which is why many families will want to deal with the problem on their own. However, it is important to still report and understand the charges and possible sentences so the risk of child … Read More

How Does Mandatory Reporting Work in California Schools?

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California is a large state with thousands of school districts. Each school has its own set of unique issues with each child. The concept of mandatory reporting was created to simplify how child abuse and bullying can be handled in schools across the country and in California. The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, or CANRA, is a set of California laws that are meant to protect children from suffering abuse or harm in school-related activities or functions. If you have a child in a California school, or you are a teacher or staff member at a California school, then … Read More

What Are the Child Abuse Laws in California?

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California, like many other states in this country, has strict laws pertaining to child abuse. Child abuse, generally speaking, happens whenever a parent or adult caretaker physically, emotionally, or sexually abuses or abandons a child. These laws have been enacted in order to protect children from serious harm or injury, even in a family or school setting. Child abuse is more common than most Americans think; there are more than 3 million reports of child abuse every year. What Are the Laws Regarding Child Abuse in California? California child abuse laws are within the state’s penal code. Under California law, … Read More