School Bullying Is Hurting Children! What Can Parents Do About It?

December 14, 2018
Posted on: December 14, 2018
Author: Ramey Law P.C.
Photo of a Child Being Bullied

In Victorville, California, a mother is struggling with how to help her elementary school child escape constant bullying. The student attended Brentwood Elementary, where she was tormented by another student. After receiving a death threat, the child was transferred to another school, but the bullying continued. Now, a group of six boys and girls are terrorizing this elementary student at her new school, and district officials are refusing to let the child transfer again. The student’s mother doesn’t know what to do, and more parents in our area are finding themselves in similar situations.

How Common is School Bullying?

Though some studies suggest school bullying is going down, it is still prevalent in schools all over the country. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, between one in three and one in four students claim they have been bullied. The department even says that 49 percent of children in grades 4-12 report being bullied at least once a month. These statistics are a sobering example of how common bullying really is in our schools, which means parents may need to take charge.

Solutions to Bullying for Parents

  • Listening: Parents can’t do anything to help their children if they do not know there is a problem. So, talking to children about their day at school is a must. Listen to them, look out for changes in their demeanor and check the condition of their clothing. If something seems suspicious, let your child know they are safe and it’s okay to open up to you.
  • Reporting: If you discover an incident of bullying, it’s important to talk to school officials immediately. Find out if they know about the bullying and find out what they intend to do about it. In California, schools are required to address bullying immediately. Check the school’s policies on bullying and make sure those measures are being followed.
  • Pursue Legal Help: In some cases, such as the story of the Victorville student, schools do very little to remedy the situation. If your child’s school is not taking appropriate actions when it comes to bullying, legal assistance may be required. Bullying due to age, ethnicity, color, gender, gender identity, race or religion violate state and federal laws. If the school can’t or won’t do anything to help, there may be a legal solution for your child.

Don’t forget to document the instances of your child being bullied and record the school’s response to your complaints. This documentation could be crucial when it comes to defending your child. If you have more questions, contact the school bullying attorneys at Ramey Law P.C. by calling (310)421-4988.