Premises Liability

At Ramey Law P.C., we have established ourselves as one of the premier Los Angeles legal firms in the representation for claims for premises liability. These cases can simply be a trip or a fall on somebody’s property to liability for criminal acts committed by employees or anybody else that have taken place on the landlord’s premises. If you are an individual, a homeowner, a residential or a business tenant or a landlord of commercial or residential property and you have been involved in a personal injury or property damage then we can offer comprehensive advice on your situation.

We recognize that your situation is probably unique when it comes to premises liability law so we proactively represent each of you through undertaking a thorough examination of your arguments. Our firm uses a dedicated team of liability and damages attorneys to ensure that you get the best results possible. We have great pride in our ability to assess cases in a timely manner and provide clients like yourself with well assessed recommendations and solutions so that we gain the best results for your case.

Some premises cases, like “trip and fall” need a lawyer to ensure that the blame is established correctly and the correct insurance is assessed if any compensation needs to be paid.

Premises Liability

Premises liability becomes an issue when a person is in possession of land or premises and that land is in complete control by that person. There are a number of categories of persons when it comes to being present on any type of premises:

  • The first person is the invitee who has been invited to stay on the premises and benefit commercially from using the area but the owner of the premises has to offer the best duty of care to that person. This could include warning the invitee of any potential hazards that may be encountered while in the area.

Premises Owner Liable for Personal Injuries to Licensees

  • A second person is the licensee who is a person who is invited to remain on the premises for a reason that is nothing to do with business but it could be for social reasons. In this situation the possessor of the premises is still liable if any personal injury is encountered by the licensee. For example, in the situation of a homeowner who knows that one of the stairs leading to another part of the premises is in need of repair and a guest is inflicted with an injury when using the stairs.

Trespassers: Possible Obligation to Inform

  • The third person is the trespasser, who might go into the premises of another person without being invited. Where owners are not conscious of trespassers, they do not have the responsibility to warn a trespasser of any possible dangers that may be encountered when using the premises. However, if the premises owner is fully aware of trespassers being on his or her property there might be an obligation on behalf of the owner to inform the trespasser of any possible hazards.

Overall, if a premises owner has put the property in the hands of a property management company, it is still their obligation to ensure the safety of the premises for others to use.

If you are a property owner in Los Angeles and are dealing with a plaintiff who has a grievance about your premises then you should contact one of our experienced lawyers at Ramey Law P.C. to discuss your premises liability concerns.