Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Los Angeles

At Ramey Law P.C., our team has acquired a great deal of experience in dealing with a variety of real estate litigation in the Los Angeles area. We have developed an excellent reputation for the successful resolution of disputes involving commercial property as well as private residential homes. This includes houses, condominiums and apartments.

Real estate litigation may arise from a multitude of different issues including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Defects in construction
  • Payment claim
  • Indemnity problems
  • The application of lien rights

Our services are available to ordinary homeowners as well as contractors, architects, engineers and suppliers of construction materials.

Real Estate Litigation Issues Can be Complex

Disputes involving real estate tend to be quite complex and we believe that the best way to resolve these disputes as expeditiously as possible is to ensure that all contractual obligations are evaluated at an early stage. At the same time, in order for our clients to be able to obtain an effective resolution of their cases as speedily as possible and without extra expense that the value of their claims should be professionally analyzed. To this end we ensure that we collaborate with a variety of technical experts as well as take advantage of professional mediators and arbitrators.

Tenacious Advocates of Our Clients’ Interests

As a firm, we have a reputation for tenacity in pursuing our clients’ interests. This reputation is well known amongst all those people taking part in the litigation process including the insurance industry representatives, judges, mediators and defense counsel. Although we aim to reach a resolution of each dispute without having to go to court, we are prepared to advance our clients’ case in whatever trial or arbitration proceedings that are necessary for us to win the case on our clients’ behalf.

We understand that a lot of real estate litigation depends upon an up-to-date interpretation of various mechanisms and agreements because there is a tendency for these to change over time. We ensure that all members of our team keep up to date with all those twists and turns in any case law or change in the statutes which might have an effect our clients. We also keep our clients fully informed of all these changes.

Specific Cases of Real Estate Litigation

You may be a general contractor or developer and your dispute is with the specialist contractors or suppliers that have been hired to provide specific services or materials for construction. In this situation we vigorously pursue all those contractual and indemnity obligations as well as any other rights which have been obtained as part of an insurance agreement and for which the specialist contractor supplier is liable to uphold.

If you are a specialist supplier or contractor and your dispute is with the property owner, whether this is a private homeowner or a commercial property owner, we endeavor to thoroughly investigate all those claims where responsibility has been deliberately diverted towards the client when the construction or supply materials defects have in fact been caused by another party.

You may also be a homeowner or a commercial property owner and you have a dispute with a general contractor over defective construction materials or practices. We endeavor to use the experience and knowledge of experts in the construction industry in order to make a fair assessment of the defects and the cost of making the repair as well as other costs involved. These costs include the loss of business revenue, the possible need for extra storage facilities or even relocation while the defects are repaired.

We at Ramey Law P.C. are proud of our commitment to our clients in the Los Angeles area and we acknowledge that each and every one of them is in a unique situation. Our team members always ensure that they understand the particular needs of our clients and work tirelessly on their behalf in order to resolve their real estate litigation concerns.