Contract Litigation Lawyer

At Ramey Law P.C., our team of lawyers in Los Angeles have had years of experience dealing with contract litigation and have been able to successfully represent their many clients who have had disputes involving construction, real estate, commercial, entertainment and business contracts.

Many of these disputes have their origin in breach of contract or fiduciary duties, fraud, conversion and interference with potential or existing commercial relationships.

Contracts Do Not Always Need to Be in Writing to Be Valid and Enforcable

It is always a surprise for us to learn of business owners who think that contracts have to be in writing to be valid. This is not necessarily the case. Our lawyers will work with you if you have a contract dispute that involves either written or verbal contracts as long as these have been implied by both parties in the dispute.

A common problem with many contracts that become a source of disputes is that the way in which the contracts were drawn up was not clearly defined. This then tends to leave too many issues unclear and a source of potential conflict. In these circumstances a careful analysis of your situation by one of our contract litigation lawyers could help you to decide your best strategy in resolving the dispute.

Clients’ Interests Always Come First

At Ramey Law P.C., our contract litigation lawyers put their clients’ interests first and foremost and deal with each of their clients with the utmost respect, consideration and confidentiality. Our lawyers regularly and successfully deal with contract disputes involving professional relationships, suppliers and vendors, contractors. employment and sales.

Our lawyers are fully aware of the standing of our clients in the community and how important their reputation is within that community. At Ramey Law P.C. we work tirelessly to ensure that the most effective resolution of contract disputes takes place. We will normally attempt to resolve these issues through mediation and arbitration in the first instance but, if the case needs to go to court, then we are tenacious in our efforts to achieve the best outcome.

We are fully aware that many of the legal issues surrounding contract agreements can be in a constant state of flux. Both California and Federal statutes and case law can change at any time. This is why our lawyers diligently stay abreast of any changes and apply this to each case.

Our team at Ramey Law P.C. in Los Angeles knows how to deal effectively with your business’s contractual disputes so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can advise you on a legal strategy that will benefit your company and result in minimal conflict.