Business Disputes Lawyer

Ramey Law P.C. places a keen focus on business litigation and business disputes. Our successful record of accomplishment in this area of law has meant there has been an increasing demand for our services. Business disputes occur in many different situations, from large-scale business conflicts to simple one off disputes between individual entrepreneurs.

Broad Range of Business Disputes Resolved

Since our law firm’s doors opened, we have represented single entrepreneurs as well as smaller to medium-sized concerns in a broad range of issues, which include:

  • Commercial issues
  • Contractual disputes
  • Business fraud
  • Partnership issues
  • Construction disputes
  • Premises liability
  • Leasing and real estate disputes
  • Misrepresentation and fraud
  • Entertainment disputes

Our Lawyers Have the Experience That Counts

Ramey Law P.C. have represented clients in business disputes involving written and oral contracts, which have often resulted in business interruptions and loss of profits that have needed one of our experienced lawyers to sort out.

Legal disputes often take place in a variety of business situations, which are difficult to resolve because of the complexity of the law that surrounds them. Many entrepreneurs and business owners and their consumers often find it necessary to locate an experienced lawyer so that their interests are fully protected.

The attorneys at Ramey Law P.C. are well versed in business disputes and in all the different stages entailed in the litigation process. Our experience and adaptability means we can engage in and take over the solving of business disputes at any stage. We ensure that an assessment is made as the case is followed through, and provide you with the guidance that is necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

Oral and Written Contracts

Most situations that involve business litigation are due to the breaking of a contractual agreement. Often a contract is only seen in terms of a written agreement but oral contracts can also be enforced under California law. This complicates matters when it comes to validating the facts around an oral contract. A trained eye, as can be found at Ramey Law P.C., is needed to quickly differentiate fact from fiction when a business dispute involving an oral contract is involved.

If you require an attorney in the area consider hiring Ramey Law P.C. Our years of experience working in the business community give us a head start over our competitors. We have a string of successes to add to our name and can confidently take on any type of business dispute. We always attempt to settle disputes out of the courtroom, if we can, which is a great money saver. However, if a trial is necessary then this is where our team of lawyers really shows their strength in handling business disputes between the walls and under the roof of a courtroom.