How Should California Homeschools Be Regulated to Prevent Child Abuse?

May 28, 2018
Posted on: May 28, 2018
Author: Ramey Law P.C.

We have heard about various horrifying news stories about child abuse discoveries in homes, several of these stories occurring in California. A common factor in these abuse stories is a home school situation involving one or multiple children. Each state has different regulations for home schools, and California is known to be one of the more permissive ones. Here’s more on California’s home school laws and how they relate to child abuse.

What Are California’s Home School Laws?

In order to home school under California law, California parents simply have to submit an affidavit with their home address to register their home as a private school. After several California parents, however, were recently arrested for child abuse as home school parents, California state lawmakers wanted to change this lax law. There are two bills right now in the California State Assembly that would help reform homeschooling.

  • AB 2756: There was a provision in this bill’s initial draft that would require a California district’s Fire Marshal to inspect home schools once year, but this was met by quick resistance. Homeschool advocacy groups and Assembly members believe that these inspections would be invasive and unconstitutional. After this backlash, the bill only requires that the state gather more data on homeschools in California.
  • Another bill is being introduced that would mandate that the state create an advisory committee to suggest reforms to the homeschool system. This could include home inspections, requirements for teacher credentials, and setting up specific homeschool curriculums. It would be up to the state legislature to agree to these changes, but many homeschool advocates are still opposing it.

In order to prevent child abuse from occurring in homeschool environments, some lawmakers believe that there should be proper regulation inside of the home. School abuse is a topic that our attorneys have experience in, and we can help you if your child is a victim of school or homeschool abuse in California. Contact us today for a consultation.