Have You Seen or Experienced Rehab Center Abuse?

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When staying at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center, you expect the facility to remain professional and accommodate your needs. However, most patients are emotionally and physically fragile, leaving them vulnerable to abuse. A facility employee could take advantage of your vulnerability and hinder your recovery efforts. Physical abuse, sexual abuse and drug overdoses are common examples of rehabilitation center abuse. While not every patient experiences abuse or neglect, reports show that employee misconduct is a regular occurrence at rehabilitation centers. This behavior can result in severe emotional and physical distress that hinders your recovery efforts. If you are physically or sexually abused, then you are more likely to relapse and require additional treatment. An experienced Orange County rehab abuse lawyer understands that getting help can leave you susceptible to many forms of maltreatment. We will work hard to hold rehabilitation centers accountable for any misconduct that occurs.

With over five decades of legal experience, our attorneys understand how to navigate the California legal system. We also understand that you are under extreme duress and want to receive a positive verdict. At Ramey Law, P.C., we will provide you with personalized legal services and promise to uncover helpful evidence in discovery. Our attorneys have the experience needed to hold any negligent or abusive party accountable. The firm’s founders, John and Christa Ramey, have years of experience handling medical negligence and catastrophic personal injury cases. They know the state laws governing rehabilitation centers and will work hard to apply them in your favor. If you or a loved one were abused at a rehabilitation center, then an Orange County rehab abuse lawyer from our firm will use his or her skills to help you seek justice.

What Are Common Types of Abuse in Rehab Centers?

Although rehabilitation centers are designed to help you cope with addiction, they often exacerbate existing problems through abuse or neglect. When facilities are understaffed and under-financed, employees often neglect any ethical or safety standards that are designed to prevent abuse. The most common types of abuse found in rehabilitation centers include:

  • Emotional abuse. Humiliation and intimidation tactics are often used to silence patients and establish dominance. Blame is also a common tactic that employees use to keep you from speaking out. Rehabilitation center employees know to isolate you from other patients and make you feel alone. They can then ignore your needs and abuse you with few repercussions. It is important to know that you can file a suit against a rehabilitation center over emotional abuse.
  • Physical abuse. An excessive use of force is a common example of physical abuse at a rehabilitation center. For instance, unnecessary hitting, pushing or shoving by a facility employee constitutes physical abuse. Confinement is also a commonly used tactic that can register as physical abuse. If a facility employee unfairly confines a patient, then the action could meet the legal definition of abuse. The inappropriate use of medication or drugs is also a form of physical abuse. It is extremely dangerous and can hinder your ability to make a full recovery.
  • Sexual abuse. A lot of patients are emotionally and mentally vulnerable when recovering from addiction. Some employees will take advantage of this and initiate inappropriate physical contact. Others will use their power and force you to undress or act in a sexual manner. They may even force you to participate in sexual activities. Our attorneys will help you hold the abusive parties accountable and ensure your safety while recovering from addiction.

What Are Signs of Rehab Center Abuse and Neglect?

Often times, a family member or close friend is at a rehabilitation center, and he or she is acting strangely. It can be difficult to discern the difference between progress and physical abuse or neglect. You should know the common signs of abuse and neglect while seeking help at a rehabilitation facility. They include:

  • Dehydration. It is possible that your loved one is not drinking enough water. However, it is also equally possible that facility employees are failing to provide him or her with medical care that addresses dehydration. Hydration is important, and your loved one may not be getting the appropriate amount of fluids.
  • Insufficient hygiene maintenance. You may assume that your loved one is choosing not to maintain proper hygiene while recovering. However, facility employees could be blocking his or her access to the shower. They could also be restricting his or her access to certain hygiene products.
  • Extreme weight loss. Although it is natural for a person to lose weight during recovery, they should always be given access to food. An abusive employee could be withholding meals from your loved one or giving him or her substandard food. Our attorneys will work hard to hold that employee accountable for any negligence that occurs.
  • Markings and unexplained injuries. If your loved one has restraint marks on his or her body, then it is natural to have questions. Also, if your loved one has any unexplained injuries, then physical abuse could be taking place. An experienced attorney will help you investigate and determine the reasons behind your loved one’s injuries.
  • Lack of communication or socialization. Becoming isolated during recovery could mean that physical abuse is occurring. If your loved one is typically outgoing and sociable, then you should be concerned about his or her recovery program.

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Although rehab is a difficult experience, abuse should never be a part of your treatment program. By retaining legal counsel, you are helping yourself and other patients remain safe from predatory employees who are abusing their power. Our Orange County rehab abuse lawyers will use their experience to help you obtain a reasonable financial settlement or a guilty verdict.

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