Suffered a Fall at a Construction Site?

Our Orange County Construction Injury Lawyers Represent Injured Workers

Working construction can be a dangerous job. Accidents that occur during construction injure or kill thousands of workers every year. These accidents, such as a fall from heights or being struck by an object or electrocution might only have occurred due to safety engineers or a safety program being either negligent or absent. When such a work accident takes place in Orange County, a construction worker is entitled to some form of compensation. They may be able to receive workers’ compensation, but that might not be enough to help them deal with the pain, physical and emotional discomfort, stress and lifestyle adjustments they now have to make due to their injury. It might not be enough for them to manage their medical bills, especially if they are not working due to an injury.

However, a construction worker injured on the job can turn to Orange County construction injury lawyers, such as John and Christa Ramey, the husband-and-wife team at Ramey Law, P.C. Our firm relies on innovation, invention and ingenuity to uphold our clients’ interests. Both John and Christa have extensive experience working cases that involve catastrophic personal injury, while Christa has worked with wrongful death claims. The Rameys’ and their legal team are construction accident attorneys who can help you seek some form of compensation for your injury and pursue a lawsuit if you decide to travel that path. They spare you the tedious hassle of paperwork, deal with your insurance and manage the legal side of matters while you concentrate on recovering from your injuries and moving on with your life.

What Are Common Injuries After Falls From Heights?

One of the most common construction accidents is falling from heights. Avoiding such an accident takes careful planning, preparation and implementation of the correct safety procedures, including assessing risks and identifying potential safety hazards in the workplace. A fall from heights can cause injuries to the head, spine, limbs, broken bones, fractures and even death (or injuries that later lead to death). Blunt force can be powerful and severe, but the nature and magnitude of the injury tend to depend upon:

  • The height of the fall, the type of surface and the worker’s impact upon it.
  • Your body mass and your body’s orientation on impact force(s).
  • The distribution of impact force(s), your age and physical condition.

Even a minor fall can result in injuries that might not seem serious at first, but can have a long-lasting impact upon your health and lifestyle later on. After any type of fall, see a medical professional, and if necessary seek out Orange County construction injury lawyers to check if any compensation is possible for your injuries, pain, stress and discomfort.

Can I File a Third-Party Claim After a Call on a Construction Site?

If a workplace accident happens at a construction site, most of the time, by California state law, you cannot sue your employer for workplace injuries. They are supposed to have workers’ compensation insurance to help you with your medical bills and lost wages. However, it might be possible to sue a third party — such as owners, contractors, architects and equipment manufacturers — for negligence. They could be held liable for not having provided appropriate safety provisions for a construction site. By law, the above parties are obligated to:

  • Warn of possible safety hazards on the site (such as scaffolding, ladders and electrical wiring).
  • Hire employees who use caution and exercise good judgment while working.
  • Coordinate job safety and check to see that all safety specifications are being followed.

Consult with our Orange County construction injury lawyers to see if you might have a case to bring against a third party for negligence.

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Do not hesitate to call on Ramey Law, P.C. if you have suffered any type of construction injury. You might have taken a fall, been electrocuted, struck in the head or suffered another injury on a site. Do not assume that somebody else’s negligence did not play a role in the incident — a third party could very well be responsible. You can rely upon our dependable Orange County construction injury lawyers to help prove liability in order to achieve a favorable outcome.

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