Construction Defect: Obtained Favorable Settlement for Hollywood Hills Homeowners

January 20, 2018
Posted on: January 20, 2018
Author: Ramey Law P.C.

Ramey Law P.C. recently obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of homeowners of a custom home in the Hollywood Hills. The home, constructed on a hillside and consisting of three different structures, had numerous construction defects, including a poorly constructed roof which led to major water instruction and significant water damage to the interior of the main residence building following a heavy rainstorm.

The firm assembled a team of highly qualified experts in architecture, engineering, construction and real estate to develop an extensive database of defects, a repair bid and other costs for relocating the homeowners during the period needed for repairs. After the original contractor and its insurer refused to mediate prior to litigation the firm filed a demand for arbitration. Following several inspections of the home by the contractor and its hired experts the contractor and its insurer agreed to a mediation, and the case was settled for a substantial sum without having to take a single deposition, despite the insurer’s claims that many of the defects were not covered under the contractor’s insurance policy and the contractor’s threat to file for bankruptcy if a large arbitration award was obtained by the homeowners.