School Bullying Is Hurting Children! What Can Parents Do About It?

In Victorville, California, a mother is struggling with how to help her elementary school child escape constant bullying. The student attended Brentwood Elementary, where she was tormented by another student. After receiving a death threat, the child was transferred to another school, but the bullying continued. Now, a group of six boys and girls are terrorizing this elementary student at her new school, and district officials are refusing to let the child transfer again. The student’s mother doesn’t know what to do, and more parents in our area are finding themselves in similar situations. How Common is School Bullying? Though … Read More

California Legislators Are Fighting Back on School Bullying with Assembly Bill 2291

Photo of a Child Being Bullied

California assembly member David Chiu took significant steps in bullying and harassment prevention for California schools in late August. Chiu passed new legislation through the Assembly, which is now pending approval by Governor Brown. Assembly Bill 2291 will require the California Department of Education (CDE) to create stricter guidelines for preventing bullying. The legislation will also spread awareness of online training courses to local educators. Bullying is not a new problem, and it has always been a prevalent issue in schools. However, studies have suggested that bullying is actually getting worse. Families are finding more resources on awareness and are … Read More