The Five Construction Zone Crashes You Need to Avoid

Photo of Two Cars in a Head On Collision

Did you know that it is more dangerous to drive through a construction zone than it is to work in one? Caltrans reported that drivers and passengers make up 85 percent of work zone fatalities in our state. That means drivers need to be extra cautious when driving through a work zone. Here are five types of construction zone crashes to watch out for on California’s highways and byways: Drunk Driving – This type of crash is one of the most frequent, but they can be far more devastating in a construction zone. Construction barriers, equipment and reduced space create … Read More

School Bullying Is Hurting Children! What Can Parents Do About It?

Photo of a Child Being Bullied

In Victorville, California, a mother is struggling with how to help her elementary school child escape constant bullying. The student attended Brentwood Elementary, where she was tormented by another student. After receiving a death threat, the child was transferred to another school, but the bullying continued. Now, a group of six boys and girls are terrorizing this elementary student at her new school, and district officials are refusing to let the child transfer again. The student’s mother doesn’t know what to do, and more parents in our area are finding themselves in similar situations. How Common is School Bullying? Though … Read More

Avoid a California Drunk Driving Accident During the Holidays With These Tips

Photo of Glasses of Alcohol and Car Keys

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the start of the holiday season. During this time, California residents are traveling back and forth to visit other people, which can cause heavy traffic and an increase in accidents and injuries on the road. The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, also known as “Thanksgiving Eve,” is a night associated with heavy drinking and driving. From 2012 to 2016, more than 800 people died in alcohol-impaired driving accidents during the Thanksgiving holiday period. 3 Important Ways You Can Avoid an Accident on Thanksgiving If you plan on … Read More

How Should Colleges and Universities Handle Sexual Abuse Claims?

sex abuse

Universities and colleges have a responsibility to protect their students by providing a safe environment. However, recent changes to the law have led to fewer disciplinary actions for students who are accused of sexual assault. Higher education institutions are also now considering whether to raise the standard of proof while also continuing to improve safety on their campuses. Raising the standard of proof makes it more difficult to collect evidence when it comes to abuse cases. Now, colleges and universities can choose to ask for “clear and convincing” evidence in order to discipline students in Title IX sexual assault cases. … Read More

Are Humans the Cause of Car Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles?

Photo of Two Cars in a Head On Collision

Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, have become the newest technological craze in recent years. Many potential consumers are still concerned about the safety technology associated with autonomous driving modes. Studies in California have recently shown, however, that humans were mostly at fault in the majority of self-driving accidents that occurred. How Are Humans Responsible in Self-Driving Car Accidents? The study, which was conducted by Axios, spans from 2012 to 2018. It found that when the self-driving cars were in their autonomous mode, 38 incidents occurred while the vehicle was moving, and in all but one of the cases, the accidents … Read More