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Construction accidents involving falling objects may be avoidable

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Construction Injuries |

Any type of object that falls from above and hits a worker below could pose a significant threat to one’s health. While incidents involving falling objects remain a common cause of injury in the construction industry, studies indicate that many of these incidents may be avoidable by nature. Knowing the types of safety risks that might lead to similar construction accidents could help individuals in California who suffer injuries in such scenarios prepare to take the necessary steps to protect their futures.

Falling object risks

Studies indicate that there may be various scenarios in which the risks of falling objects might exist, especially in the presence of negligence. Failure to properly secure materials for transport is a type of issue that may only lead to a greater risk that items might fall from heights and hit workers below. Using improper techniques when stacking materials and failure to implement measures such as guardrails to keep items from falling off ledges are two more examples of issues that could carry dire ramifications.

The risks of falling objects may also be greater when other parties use improper techniques when using cranes and other machines to lift and transport materials. Lack of balancing could cause such a machine to tilt and when heavy loads begin to sway, the results could prove disastrous. In some cases, similar incidents could also occur if surfaces are not able to support heavy loads, and should materials fall through the floor, the safety of workers below could be at significant risk.

Severe injuries

Suffering severe injuries in a construction accident involving falling objects can be a challenging outcome to accept, especially if it could have been avoided if the proper safety measures were taken. Individuals in California who face similar trials in life and wish to know more about their available options to help protect their interests might consider speaking with an attorney prior to choosing a path. An attorney can evaluate a client’s circumstances thoroughly and assist in preparing a strategy to safeguard his or her future by pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved via the proper channels.