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Crane-related construction accident leads to serious injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2023 | Construction Injuries |

Heavy-duty machines such as cranes remain a constant fixture on many project sites, as these machines may play an integral role in various types of operations. While construction workers in California may be no strangers to working with and around cranes, they might not always be aware of the risks involved. A recent construction accident in which materials fell off a crane has reportedly left a worker in another state with severe injuries. 

Falling objects 

Reports indicate that the incident occurred on a recent Friday at the site of a construction project at an apartment complex. Emergency responders advised that a crane was lifting materials when some of the objects suddenly came loose and fell nearly 40 feet to the ground below. Officials have advised that the objects hit and damaged a nearby vehicle but state that the driver of this vehicle was not harmed in the process. 

Officials say that a construction worker suffered severe injuries in the incident and was rushed to the hospital for medical care. Incidents involving falling objects continue to be a major concern on many construction sites. Failure to properly secure loads for lifting and transportation could only increase the risks of a similar outcome and those who suffer harm in such an incident may be left facing a variety of challenges. 

Severe injuries 

A construction accident involving similar circumstances can take a devastating toll on a worker’s life. The possibility of suffering serious injuries, facing dire financial hardships, and losing wages during recovery are just a few examples of the possible trials such an incident might bring. Individuals in California who encounter such issues and have questions about their available legal avenues may benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance on their options and in preparing to seek the full amount of compensation achievable through the appropriate outlets.