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Construction defect claims can be hotly contested

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Construction Injuries |

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which conflict might arise on the site of a construction project. While unexpected project delays and cost overruns are common sources of unrest, these might not be the only concerns and sometimes disputes might arise over claims of construction defects. Individuals in California who face similar issues may have questions about what is at stake and about the steps to take to help protect their interests. 

Types of defects 

Defects can come in numerous forms and can be present in numerous aspects of a construction project, including the initial designs or blueprints for the project. Defective designs could create a variety of deficiencies and prompt a need to revisit initial plans or replace existing materials. Similar issues could also stem from defects within the materials used in a project and the presence of such defects may affect the integrity of the structure, lead to mechanical or electrical concerns, or increase the risks of property damage due to water intrusion. 

Claims of defects might not always stem from designs or materials, as sometimes they could come from allegations of a lack of quality in workmanship. Disputes may arise when poor work quality creates defective conditions or if contractors stand accused of taking steps to cover up project issues. Defects can also pertain to issues with the foundation of a project and if ground conditions are subject to shifting, failure to create a solid foundation could create numerous structural concerns. 

Defect disputes 

Disputes regarding construction defects can be hotly contested matters and the outcome thereof may have a significant impact on every party involved. Upon encountering similar concerns, individuals in California might choose to consult with legal counsel for guidance in evaluating their options and in determining the best path with which to proceed. An attorney can evaluate every aspect of the situation a client is facing and help develop a strategy with which to safeguard his or her legal rights and interests via the proper outlets.