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TBIs are common after construction accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | Construction Injuries |

Construction worksites are dangerous. There is just no way around that. No matter what construction companies do, by their very nature they are dangerous. After all, you are working around heavy equipment, nail guns, swinging hammers, working on scaffolding and tied to beams. When compared to most other work environment, construction is just inherently dangerous. However, after a serious California construction site accident or injury, the one injury that is often overlooked is traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries?

Workers can get a TBI from any violent jolt or blow to the body or head. It can also happen from punctures and blunt forces to the head. These injuries tear tissue, push skull fragments into the brain and cause brain bruising and bleeding. Even if minor, TBIs can have long-term health, mental complications and even, death.


These injuries can be caused by any Los Angeles, California, construction site accident. Of course, an inadvertent nail gun fire that strikes someone in the head will cause a TBI, but so too can a fall from scaffolding or even a trip over an extension cord. Realistically, any injury on the job that jostles your body or impacts your head can cause a TBI.

The easily ignored symptoms

First, it is important to understand that TBI symptoms can, of course, happen immediately, but they can also start hours, days or weeks later. As such, after you are involved in a construction accident, pay attention to your health. Are you having headaches? Are they persistent? Are you mysteriously nauseous, or cannot stop vomiting? Do you taste metal or some other bad taste in your mouth randomly? Do your eyes go blurry, or do you have ringing in your ears? If you answered, “yes,” to any of these questions after a construction accident, you may have a TBI. Go to the doctor.

The signs of a major TBI

Losing consciousness is a huge sing of a TBI, and the longer that loss of consciousness lasts, the worst the TBI could be. Though, another major sign is clear liquids draining from your head. If you experience either, get to the emergency room immediately, or call 9-1-1. If you notice that you are having trouble focusing, keeping your balance or having random mood swings, this can be a sign as well. If you lose your temper or begin acting aggressively, randomly, that too can be a sign.

Construction worksite injuries

The first inclination of most construction workers is to just walk it off unless you have a broken bone. However, please know that major injuries can occur that do not have any outward symptoms. As such, if you are injured, call your Los Angeles, California, doctor, and then, call a lawyer.