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Los Angeles lawmakers hope lower speed limits will avoid crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In addition to other dangerous driver behaviors like distracted driving, overall recklessness and drivers who are drunk or under the influence of drugs, speeding has been a consistent problem in Los Angeles and throughout California. The faster a vehicle is moving, the greater the severity of the potential injuries if there is a crash. This has led to attempts on the part of legislators and law enforcement to address the issue. People who take to the city roadways should understand the dangers they face, what steps are being taken to enhance safety and their rights if they are involved in an accident.

Speed limits on 177 miles of city streets to be reduced

Recently, the City Council moved forward with a plan that will reduce the speed limits on approximately 2% of city streets. While that might sound like a small number, it is a first step in trying to make the roads safer for everyone, especially pedestrians and bicyclists. The change had long been proposed, but it was never implemented because there was a state law in place that gave cities the choice between raising the speed limit or being unable to cite drivers.

The new law allowing for the reduction of speed limits was signed into law in October. It allows a maximum reduction of 5 mph. Cities can also lower the speed limit in commercial areas. This is all part of comprehensive strategies to dramatically reduce traffic fatalities and eventually prevent them completely by 2025. In 2021, there were 294 deaths in auto accidents in Los Angeles. This is the most since 2003. Pedestrians lost their lives in 132 of the collisions.

Another bill that was proposed will let several cities in California including Los Angeles and San Francisco to install speed cameras near streets with a poor record for accidents and near schools. These steps are happening as fatal auto accidents are a national problem with the most recent statistics showing an 18% spike in U.S. road fatalities through June of 2021.

New laws aside, accidents can still happen and help may be needed

Speeding has gotten progressively worse and drivers and placing others in jeopardy with their behaviors. If the new laws can prevent auto accidents and save lives, it is undoubtedly positive. Still, it is important to remember that many drivers ignore the speed limits and other laws, not caring about the consequences. Since a crash can cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities, it is vital for those who were hurt or lost a loved one to be fully cognizant of the available options. Discussing the situation with those who understand all aspects of motor vehicle accidents and the aftermath can be useful.