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Study: Four California freeways have high risk of fatalities

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are undeniable dangers when heading out on the road in Los Angeles and throughout California. Since people in the Golden State predominately commute by car, it can be a necessity to use the state’s freeways. Traffic congestion is a commonly voiced complaint, but other problems are far worse than taking extra time to get to a destination. Auto accidents can cause injuries and fatalities and should be considered with safety a primary focus. Paying attention to research about problematic roadways can yield information regarding how to prevent collisions. Recently, a study showed the challenges California drivers should know about.

Researchers say four freeways in California are statistically high in fatal crashes

According to the insurance comparison website The Zebra, California has four freeways that are among the 10 worst in the nation for road deaths. Connecting the entire state from north to south, this is a significant concern for people who are using these roads. Included were I-80, I-5, I-15 and I-40. Nationally, the most dangerous road was found to be Interstate 95 – a road that runs across the East Coast from New York to the Mid-Atlantic states and to Florida. I-5 was highest California road on the list at number three.

The researchers used the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) to come to its conclusions. There are certain hallmarks of auto accidents that can be avoided. Recently, drivers have taken to speeding due to less traffic being a byproduct of the current situation. Not going beyond the speed limit can reduce the number of collisions and decrease their severity when they do occur. Distracted driving is also a problem. Drivers are so immersed in staying connected that they cannot resist their handheld device. Simply paying attention to the road greatly enhances safety. Drivers who are tired can suffer decreased reaction time and even fall asleep at the wheel. Drowsy driving is something to avoid.

Getting advice after an auto accident can provide information and help

Even when drivers are cognizant of the possible catalysts for auto accidents and the locations where they most commonly occur, there are times when they cannot be prevented. With that will come radical changes for those who have been injured and families left behind. Financially, personally and emotionally, motor vehicle accidents can permeate a person’s life and force them to adapt in myriad ways. Having compassionate and experienced advice from the start can be crucial with assessing options and moving forward.