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Monterey Park accident results in fatality

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a recent two-vehicle accident that resulted in one car being pushed onto a sidewalk and colliding with a woman and a 1-year-old child. The woman sustained serious injuries and the accident ultimately proved fatal for the child, who died later at a local hospital.

One witness to the crash said he heard the cars smashing together and saw the child’s stroller being forced up against a brick wall by one of the cars. One of the drivers stayed at the scene of the accident while the other driver fled but returned later that day to meet with the police. The police say it is still unclear whether speeding, alcohol or distracted driving caused the accident.

Car accidents have far-reaching consequences

In the unfortunate event of a car accident, the victims face many serious consequences. Aside from their injuries, they may experience post-traumatic stress, face high medical bills or even lose a job due to not being able to perform their job functions or get to work.

Additionally, the loss of a family member to a car accident is something many people never get over. The loss often impacts every area of an individual’s life, and the mental, emotional and financial toll can be devastating.

The immediate aftermath of a car accident caused by negligence is extremely chaotic, and victims often feel overwhelmed and confused. There may be compensation options available, such as compensation for medical bills, lost wages or emotional distress, but proving negligence can be challenging. A personal injury attorney can be a valuable resource during this difficult time.