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Texting is not the only way you can be distracted while driving

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most Californians are well aware that driving while using your cellphone is a bad idea. Cellphone use can seriously distract a driver. When using a cellphone, a person’s eyes are off the road, their hands are off the steering wheel and their mind is off the task of driving. It is easy to see how cellphone use while driving can lead to a distracted driving accident. However, what other ways can a driver be distracted while behind the wheel?

Eating behind the wheel

Many people do not think twice about eating while driving. After all, it seems like no problem to go through the drive-thru, order a burger and eat it on the road. However, just like cellphone use, eating behind the wheel takes your eyes off the road, your attention off the task of driving and takes your hands off the steering wheel. Even enjoying a coffee on the road can distract a driver.

Dials and distracted driving

Dials surround us when we are driving. Maybe you adjust the volume on the radio or the temperature on the air conditioning while driving. Or you might operate a GPS system or music on your cellphone while driving, even if it is through your vehicle’s infotainment system. Any of these actions take your eyes, hands and attention off the task of driving, which could lead to a serious or even deadly distracted driving accident.

“Rubbernecking” can lead to on-the-road crashes

It is only natural that when we see a devastating car crash on the opposite side of the road that we want to slow down and take a good look. However, the drivers around us may not anticipate us slowing down, leading to a devastating car accident. “Rubbernecking” can easily lead to a car crash that results in injuries or fatalities.

Be aware of all forms of distracted driving

It is important to be aware of all forms of distracted driving. Cellphone use, eating, tuning dials and rubbernecking can all cause serious or even deadly distracted driving accidents. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a distracted driving accident you will want to pursue all your options for compensation, including pursuing a personal injury lawsuit if appropriate.