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Motorists will always be vulnerable sharing roads with big rigs

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Drivers of passenger vehicles in Los Angeles and across California often large commercial vehicles. It is important to understand the challenges truckers face, like needing more space to stop, managing blind spots, etc. Although safety authorities underscore safety is a shared responsibility, drivers of smaller vehicles should not accept that truckers will automatically look out for them. 

Best practices when navigating around large trucks 

Motorists should never underestimate the weight difference between their vehicles and large trucks and buses. The slightest mistake could cause an accident with devastating consequences — usually with car occupants being worse off. Keeping the following in mind could go a long way in avoiding a truck vs. car accident: 

  • Allow space around trucks and avoid being in the no-zones or blind spots. 
  • If the trucker’s face is not visible in the big rig’s mirrors, the driver cannot see the car. 
  • Use proper passing procedures, be patient and only pass when it is safe. 
  • Do not cut in too closely in front of the truck because it needs space to slow down. 
  • Spare a thought for bus passengers who might fly through the windshield if the driver stops suddenly. 
  • Allow big rigs space to make wide turns, and do not squeeze in between the truck and the curb. 
  • Sirens and flashing lights of emergency vehicles mean “pull out of the way,” not “race to stay ahead.” 
  • Do not rush to pass construction vehicles. Instead, be patient and obey flaggers in construction zones. 

Sadly, motorists who take most care around commercial vehicles sometimes become truck vs. car accident victims. Damages suffered through no fault of their own might be recoverable by filing a personal injury lawsuit in a Los Angeles civil court. The truck driver, truck owner or employer may be held accountable for financial and other losses upon appropriate proof of negligence.