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Mistakes to avoid after slip-and-fall in a grocery store

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Grocery store accidents happen nationwide, including California. The circumstances of the incident typically determine the severity of the injuries suffered. Financial and other losses might be recoverable by filing a premises liability lawsuit. Unfortunately, people often make mistakes that could jeopardize their chances of damage recovery. 

Potential supermarket injuries: 

Common causes of injuries people suffer while shopping include the following: 

  • Parking lot hazards like potholes or other surface damage 
  • Rainwater or accumulated ice or snow 
  • Spilled food or fresh produce inside the store 
  • Falling merchandise from high shelves 
  • Trip hazards like randomly placed cardboard boxes in aisles 
  • Food poisoning from contaminated fresh produce or meat 

Walking away from a fall 

Most people feel embarrassed after a fall in such a public place, and all they want is to get from the scene. However, walking away without reporting the incident could cause any subsequent damage claims to be denied. Incidents should be reported to the store manager or another staff member. 

Declining a medical examination 

Some injuries are immediately evident, but others might be inconspicuous at first. It could be nothing more than a contusion, but striking the head could cause a concussion. Muscle sprains and strains could also have long-term consequences. Victims should never decline a medical evaluation immediately after a fall or other incident in a store. 

Admitting fault 

It is crucial not to admit fault while still in the store because employees can report anything they overhear to the manager. The following admissions might remove the store’s liability: 

  • “ I did not watch where I was going.” 
  • “ I wore the wrong shoes today.” 
  • “I’ll be fine — nothing more than my dignity is injured.” 
  • “ I cannot blame anyone for my clumsiness.” 

If the injured person avoids these mistakes, a premises liability lawsuit might be viable. If such a claim is successfully navigated in a California civil court, documented financial and emotional damages like pain and suffering might be recovered.