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Construction workers may face electrocution risk

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Construction Injuries |

Construction workers can face many hazards in their work and one of the most serious risks is electrocution. Workers can suffer from serious injuries caused by direct and indirect contact with live electrical equipment and wiring. Exposure to electricity is also a leading cause of death for construction workers.


It’s important for workers to comply with electric safety regulations, receive training on electrical safety and work within the permit requirements for specific procedures. They can also wear personal protective equipment, use proper tools and use care when testing or working with live electrical circuits.

It can also be helpful to ensure that machinery and power tools are properly grounded or insulated, to check extension and power cords for wear and tear, keep a safe distance from overhead powerlines and keep metal objects away from electrical circuits and parts.


Despite these precautions, electrocutions can occur when the construction worker makes contact with light fixtures, circuit breakers, control panels and transformers. Electrocutions may also happen during contact with machinery and power tools.

Construction workers can also be hurt by heavy equipment like a dump truck, driller, backhoe or concrete pumper if it hits an overhead powerline or other metal wires.

In addition to physical injuries caused by electrocution, workers can lose income if they are unable to work while they heal. This can impact them and the family members that rely on them for support.

They may also have significant medical expenses, especially if they are hospitalized or require ongoing treatment. An experienced construction accident attorney can help workers pursue compensation for their injuries.