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What is bullying in school and how can it be stopped?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Bullying and Abuse |

Children in schools in Los Angeles and across California are vulnerable to being bullied by other school children. Reportedly, bullying typically starts at the elementary school level and becomes more prevalent in middle school. However, sometimes it continues into the high school level.

What is bullying?

When one child acts in ways that harm or scare another child, it is regarded as bullying. Bullies typically choose children who are alone and weaker than them as their victims. Their bullying tactics are usually repeated multiple times or even continuously.

The various forms of bullying

  • Emotional: Mocking, teasing or ridiculing another child’s actions and the way they talk, walk or look. Online bullying is prevalent and could include writing nasty things about another student in online journals, emails and social media.
  • Physical: This type of bullying involves harm by hitting, tripping and shoving another child.

Girls and boys bully in different ways

In most cases, girls use emotional ways to bully other girls. In contrast, boys combine both emotional and physical actions when they bully other boys. For instance, girls often bully in groups, mainly by excluding one girl from the group and gossiping about her. On the other hand, boys may call their victims names and shove them around. However, both girls and boys participate in spreading rumors and posting pictures and hurtful messages when it comes to cyberbullying. Even though non-physical bullying does not leave the victim with visible bruises, emotional bruises could cause long-term harm.

Bullied children often become withdrawn and depressed and lose interest in school, and the ultimate consequences could be tragic. Sadly, many bullies who are not stopped grow up to become dropouts from school, abuse alcohol and drugs, and break other laws.

Parents of children in Los Angeles schools may find comfort in knowing that the law requires all schools to do whatever they can to prevent and stop bullying. Furthermore, they must take the necessary steps against reported cases of bullying. If schools fail to take preventive and other measures, they could be held legally accountable.